An Overlooked Purchase – Area Rug Pads



Set of nice rugsHardwood flooring is among the most elegant components that you can install to your home. It is also among the floorings that not everyone can afford. For this reason, a lot of people look into all possible ways that they can avoid scratching or discoloring their stylish floors, which can also be impeccably expensive.

Among the things that people buy to improve the look and the feel of their floors are rugs. However, rugs do not attach themselves to the flooring, which will prompt you to buy a rug pad. Rug pads provide additional cushioning, and at the same time, make your floors non-slip. However, not all rug pads are made equal – some rug pads can damage your expensive hardwood and your new rug as well. In order to prevent this, here are some things you should know about buying rug pads for hardwood floors.

Factors that Affect a Rug Pad’s Performance

Rug PadsIf you have recently finished your flooring with polyurethane and similar finishes for gloss, a lot of manufacturers would advise you to wait for 3 weeks before you put any type of rug pad to avoid wood discoloration.  Aside from a 100% felt rug pad, which is pretty much safe for your floors at all time. However, some would tell that organic polymer rug pads will not cause any color damage to your wood.

Heated flooring causes low quality rug pads to melt, and for this reason, those who have floors with heat are advised to use only pure felt or rug pads that have a combination of felt and rubber. At the same time, avoid putting rugs over areas that have heated valves or vents underneath.

Humidity is also a culprit in causing damage to hardwood floors. At the same time, even the smallest amount of moisture can cause bacteria build up due to the water stored in low quality rug pads.  I recommend using a product like this one here to get the smell out. Using natural rubber rug pads can prevent mold accumulation, which can give your house unpleasant odors. Some high-quality PVC pads can also help prevent mold accumulation in your flooring.

Do Not Buy Low-Quality Pads

images (14)Low price tags can be extremely attractive to any homeowner. However, it is not always advisable to go cheap, especially if you are dealing with hardwood. Rug pads that are made from low quality materials are not made to last long, and they are most likely not tested for wear and tear. At the same time, most of these pads to not come with manufacturer’s warranty which will be really handy, especially if the rug pads you purchased causes damage to your rug or your floor. If you should buy a rug pad, make sure that they are from trusted brands.

Avoid Using Adhesives

Some rug pads are made to adhere themselves to the flooring using sticky adhesives that are sprayed on their surface. While adhesives make sure that these rug pads will not glide across the floor, this can discolor the hardwood. At the same time, these adhesives will also be a huge pain if you would want to change the rug pads after some time. If you want a rug pad that will not slip, choose natural rubber pads instead.

Going Eco-Friendly

A lot of consumers would want to follow the global trend of buying only environment-friendly products. While they are safe for the planet, organic-based rug pads that are made from felt, PVC, and polymer are also the best alternatives for rubber pads. These types of pads are proven to be durable and they provide extra cushioning in order for a household to have much safer floorings. Moreover, these types of rug pads are save to use over any kind of flooring, and would not cause any rug or carpet discoloration.


Rug Ideas for your Home

Conventional by definition, carpets have come to-play an inferior part in modern design because it’s all about the floor finishes. Especially, it’s characteristic for the fans of contemporary buildings to renounce any facet of relaxation and only a minimalistic visual effect. However, nothing says homey like a fine smooth carpet in a colour. The options are endless and a welcoming accent for your house and all of them gives an advantage of relaxation, be it classic or modern.
Each of our rooms could well utilize a touch of coziness and a rug for an additional emphasis to make our feet happy. Here are just a couple of thoughts that undoubtedly restore carpets to their former glory.
Carpet ideas for your living area

Beautiful patchwork carpet in living room

By Zeev Beech & Elad Gonen


The parlor is, let’s face it, the place we desire to flaunt the most, where we need to spend memorable and agreeable hours with family and friends. We place lots of thought to the furniture, the best light and the decorations, with a predominantly artistic eye.
2 things should be considered : geometry and colour, when adding a carpet to your living room layout. The geometry rule? How big is the carpeting should pretty much encompass all furniture pieces.


Elegant living room tiles carpet with white, green and brownish

by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes
The present color scheme of the area is quite significant. When it’s energetic, we add a carpet with a straightforward layout plus a reserved colour so we don’t collide. A milder colour of an already present colour is a great method to really go, as are white, black or beige, conveying sophistication through simplicity.
For those who have a virtuously monochromatic room in white or cream colors and desire to make it appear less basic, add a carpet in a single energetic colour that can resonate with several other dynamic coloured objects for example vases, pillows, etc.

Classic Moroccan diamond design rug

by Kate Jackson Design / Picture by Nat Rea Photography

Modern downy area rug with gray and white shades

Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

by Jordan Iverson Signature Homes
While neon colours capture the attention, another method to go is a fluffy carpet for the touch. It almost makes chairs furniture dated, and you’ll be glad to such a carpet at a huge friendly party. How would you want to welcome your friends on this particular sea of cuddly?
Dining room carpet ideas

Conditioned upon the geometry of your own dining layout, you can decide this space to be furnished by rectangular, round or square rugs. Many dining rooms use rich wood furniture, which may be nicely complemented by carpets with more complicated geometric forms.

Organic Rug Pads

by Laura Manning Bendik
Next to dark wood, it might be golden and beige colors for classic elegance. With brighter wood, it might be turquoise for an exotic touch. The visual effect of the turquoise table centerpiece to a carpet of the same colour is unmatched. Round rugs are naturally suited to a *spherical dining table. For those who have a great eye for antiques and are courageous enough, picking a right Asian or classic carpet brings an extravagant twist to a rectangular and minimalistic dining space.
Kitchen rug ideas
Railroad track patterned stripes rug highlights the magnitude of this beautiful white kitchen


Ultra modern kitchen with red themed throw rug

Rug Runners Kitchen


Whether or not it is considered an intimate area for your family and the center of your house to gather, the kitchen is by default a space. Fabric carpets aren’t practical in the kitchen and they’re able to get cluttered easily, but what about a tatami mat to provide a exotic and ethnic touch to your cuisine?
Entryway carpet ideas


Beautiful Hardwood Floors – DIY

There no replacement for American hardwood floors made from sustainable American hardwoods, although certain manufacturers will argue otherwise.  DKJFA

Wood flooring from John Pawson

here are myriad hardwood flooring options obtainable in today’s marketplace and American Red and White Oak are one of the most popular options. Bamboo is frequently touted as a quickly renewable option to American hardwoods because of their 10 year development cycle. However, Bamboo is not a hardwood whatsoever, instead a grass. The carbon footprint of its own transformation from grass to a flooring material is much greater-than of any hardwood. This transformation comprises the utilization of adhesives and production approaches which are far from green. American hardwood floors are definitely the most lasting, lovely and sustainable floors available.


Hardwood Sawing Approaches Make a *distinction

Its appearance is determined by the way in which wood is sawn. Basic or “flat” sawing is probably the most typical hardwood log sawing technique.  Major manufacturers like builddirect tend to use this style, and it can often be susceptible to warping and cupping over time, while wider boards are produced by plainsawing than quartersawing.


Quartersawn hardwood has a much more distinctive straight grained look, as it’s cut perpendicular to the tree’s growth rings. This procedure creates quartersawn hardwood’s most significant feature – a “shimmering” effect, produced from the increased exposure of the log’s medullary rays. Contraction and growth of quartersawn wood is only going to happen vertically, consequently reducing movement in width, cupping and warping. As a *outcome, quartersawn hardwoods are frequently found in environments and areas where the climate experiences more explosive humidity.


Beautiful kitchen hardwoods.

The Hardwood Edge

Besides their natural beauty and durability, hardwood floors are comparatively simple to maintain and clean, while removing carpet – caught allergens. They’re also adaptable to almost any kind of decor. Hardwood flooring is extremely appealing to future homebuyers and increases the value of a dwelling.

Using area rugs and add excellent contrasts to beautiful wood floors.  Make sure that your using the correct rug pad as certain style rug pads can damage hardwood floors.  I learned this the hard way.

Those visitors are walking on Quartersawn White Oak floorings which have been there for over 500 years and they’re still tight, level and amazing. Almost and aesthetically, hardwood has been a preferable flooring surface throughout the ages in every corner of the earth. This really is a beautiful, lasting and truly sustainable product.

Cheap (maybe too cheap) DIY Homebuilding

A few hundred dollars and a local train yard can purchase a few five thousand to you – pound insulated metal boxes. And at that cost, who does not be tempted to plan their new house around shipping container sized units?

DIYESD cargo-home-design-details (1) cargo-home-design-details cargo-home-exterior-design

At the the surface of the metal transport boxes, a wood framed walland-roof system was built to expand the height and supply sloped rainwater drainage (leading to an onsite graywater system). Plywood, prefab doors and windows, as well as the infill outside sections were enclosed with comparative ease.

The end result looks like a peculiar but convincing amalgam of modern design, cargo containers and classic building components lifted on pillars that can’t help but remind any designer or design historian of the great Modernist works of Le Corbusier.

DIY is the way to go – Tiny Homes

I’m always on the lookout for cool DIY projects – Yep! That’s a miniature house made out of pallets!

Lovers of the tiny dwelling living needs no convincing: This home cuts costs in all ways possible! So if you think about the possible expense of the nonessential like interior decor (that supplies no “real” advantage because you don’t generally eat or wear your house’s accessories), trimming the fat from the decorating budget looks like a no brainer to assist you to achieve your low cost living goals.

However, you shouldn’t have to forfeit every creature comfort (like the worthy effort of having something nice to look at) in your pursuit of free and cost effective living. Indeed, is some thing has value, it doesn’t mean i-t  always need to come at a price!

Here are a few DIY decorating ideas for keeping costs down.  Maybe your house is a bit bigger than this.


Pallet Jobs

As it pertains to the field of DIY interior decor produced from reclaimed lumber, few sources can contend with a throwaway pallet: maybe not only do you get many sections of precut wood in one fell swoop, however you also receive limit-less choices for what you could turn them in-to! Con-sider these imaginative reinventions of discarded pallets:

Pallet-Summerhouse-by-Dan-Hughes-600x400Shelving: Simply remove a number of the top slats and a number of the dividers to produce shelving compartments within the pallet. Turn i-t o-n its side or upright and lean this against the wall for novels or as a kitchen cupboard, spice rack, an such like hang this
Flooring: As we’ve seen, pallets may be utilized to produce sides for miniature houses however they could even be converted in-to custom “hardwood” floors! Decide o-n a lay-out by arranging the sections of timber in several designs and when you’ve decided in your design, attach the timber slats together forever with nails or screws.
Art Installations : you can break them up and blend them with each other to create abstract art installations and complex mosaics, If you are fortunate enough to run into painted pallets. It’s possible for you to hang them o-n the walls alone or as accent pieces next to other decor projects, such as those below!

images (15)
The exact same thing could be “old” to at least one individual but “classic” or “classic” to a different. And a number of the very amazing “repurposed” things began when they truly became “broken.” Here are just two or three thoughts for your own broken and old furniture pieces which can be just one step away from being miniature custom creations!


Whether you use coordinated drawers from your own personal formerly appreciated chest or cupboard or random drawers which you have treasure-hunted, you may make complex hanging cupboards which are as practical as they’re hip.

From here, it is possible to keep your china, crockery or alternative knickknacks inside!


Seats: Produce a ledge/towel rack combo

If you’re able to look for a wooden chair using a back which has flat slats, and assuming you’re not deeply in love with any picture or designs to the chair, you may make a tiny ledge/towel rack combo.

When finished, you ought to have a couple of inches of seat and slatted chair straight back.


What tiny decor in your home items perhaps you have built from found treasures?

He loves writing o-n do it yourself issues which range from timber to outside decks.

Do I need to Purchase a Rug Pad?

You have paid your hard-earned cash for that Oriental rugs and then they are advising you to spend more precious amount for rug pads underneath. You may be well thinking now that it’s just one the rug mans sales strategies to take more money out of your pocket. The truth is, a rug pad is well worth the added costs.

Rug pads are necessary for each and every rug that you owned. It has numbers of advantages that you would surely love to know about. Buying an Oriental rug is one thing, and taking proper care of it is another. Rug pad is manufactured not just to serve for nothing but this is a very important part of keeping your rug looking fresh.

  • Rug pads serve for non-skid protection. It anchors the rugs on the floor, holding it in its place. Buying pad is also taking safety precaution for you and for all the people who will walk over the rugs. Without a pad to support underneath, there is a great risk for the rugs to skid on the floor or for the running children to trip or slid along with it. No one wants an accident, so by all means we should all be wary. Floors, especially the hardwood types are usually slippery and putting a rug over it would not make the friction any higher unless you provide a pad beneath. Rug pad will give a good grip both on the rug and on the floor — it will act as a buffer in between. Also the pad holds the rug in place and prevents the wrinkling that oft causes tripping accidents.

Area Rug Pads Hardwood

  • Rug pads add cushioning comfort by providing soft pad underfoot. You will surely make the difference between walking on hard flooring and stepping on comfortably in the padded rugs. Either you’re on high heels, boots, or on barefoot if you dare, it would always feel Non Slip Rug Padgood to strut on flooring with comfy cushion on it. Aside from the delighting comfort, these pads serve also for noise absorption. It helps lessen the sounds created by the footsteps or by the objects that accidentally fallen on the floor. With the noise absorbing purpose, people downstairs would not be bothered by any disturbing sounds. Pads also provide some soundproofing function, diminishing the noise that comes from the up stair room or halls. Thus, not only did rug pads give comfort but it also help to maintain a much quieter surrounding.


  • Rug pads lengthen the life span of your rugs. Protecting your rugs mean preventing it to wear and tear out early. Pads help prolong the usage of your rugs and that saves you from purchasing a new one again. Dusts are accumulated at the backing of the rugs over the time. When that happens, the dusts go with the backing of the rug and scratch on the floor like a sandpaper smoothing a wood. The rug is easily worn out then and the floor gained grazes. However, things would be a lot different with rugs pads underneath — the pad will absorb all the stress of rug and floor rubbing to one another. The pad does not only prolong the life of your rugs but protect also the floor from staining and discoloration. Pad also makes way for better cleaning because the airway it provides underneath makes it easier to vacuum the dusts. Also, the airway prevents the forming of odor-causing microbes like mold and mildew. Rug pad doesn’t only gives protection but helps create a healthier environment as well.